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How the DISC Styles Manage Time

Last week I spent some time discussing…….well, time! I only discovered fairly recently that there is a difference between clock time and real time. Did you know that? Clock time, apparently is what it says on the tin. So, there are 60 seconds in a minute,...

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How the AID Model Can Help You Give Better Feedback

Last week was a busy week for me, culminating in a trip to Manchester and driving home in the torrential rain; oh the joys of being an Eagle Training facilitator!! The session in Manchester included a delegate, Ian, who really had a problem giving what he perceived as...

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Why Your Identity Matters

This week’s tip is incredibly personal; for you, for me, for anybody. It’s all about our sense of identity and the power that it has, for good or ill. And, right now, it’s incredibly personal to me! Let me begin to explain what I mean. My colleague...

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Being Comfortable With Vulnerability

When my colleague Martin Eldon and I deliver our Presentation Mastery Programme, we usually show a video of a TED talk by a lady called Brene Brown. Brene is an expert on social connection. She conducted thousands of interviews to discover what lies at the root of...

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How To Think Differently About Your Negative Thoughts

I love writing my Weekly Tips and my blogs for you and I hope that they are useful. Sometimes I write about a subject that I personally struggle with. This week is one such case in point. It’s a topic that I have struggled with for many years and still do to some...

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What to Do When Someone Tells You You Can’t Do Something

Over the years I have been fortunate to work with some really great and abundant people. One of them is Ian McDermott (see below), the Director of Training at International Teaching Seminars. I have worked with Ian on several NLP programmes and have learnt so much...

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The Power of Rapport – Please Use Responsibly!

Some of you will be aware that I am a big fan of NLP; that’s neuro-linguistic programming just in case you are wondering. My colleague and NLP trainer Martin Eldon describes NLP as ‘making sense of how we make sense’ and I have used it’s...

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The Power of Beliefs

Some years ago I was just starting a course for managers when one of the, Kelvin, approached me. He asked me if he could have a word with me before we started the course. He went on to tell me that he was a slow learner and might struggle. I asked him where this...

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The 10 Myths of Leadership

You don’t need me to tell you that leadership is under the spotlight at the moment. This applies to leadership in many of the areas of our lives; including politics obviously! The thing is, while there’s a lot said about it, it seems that it is much...

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