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The Power and Impact of Small Things

In writing today’s piece, I am going to stand on the shoulders of two of my favourite authors; Jim Rohn and Jeff Olson. They both wrote and spoke extensively about the power and impact of small decisions and actions that we all make and take every day. Jim Rohn...

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How to Do the RIGHT Thing

My colleague AJ and I have had a full on week with some great folks from MSC in Ipswich. During one of the sessions, the subject of ethics came up in conversation, and in particular how they effect the decisions we make. So, let me give you a scenario and ask you what...

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How Your Positive Intent Can have a Negative Impact

This week my colleague AJ and I have been working with some great folks from Ferrero. One of them is a really nice guy who has a high S DISC profile. For the uninitiated this means that he likes to help people and to cultivate an environment of harmony with as little...

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What Curiosity Can Do For You

Whenever we start a programme – be that leadership, management, presentations or sales – we always stress the importance of being curious rather than judgmental. I believe that curiosity is a fantastic resource for anyone to have and develop. It opens your...

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How the DISC Styles Manage Time

Last week I spent some time discussing…….well, time! I only discovered fairly recently that there is a difference between clock time and real time. Did you know that? Clock time, apparently is what it says on the tin. So, there are 60 seconds in a minute,...

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How the AID Model Can Help You Give Better Feedback

Last week was a busy week for me, culminating in a trip to Manchester and driving home in the torrential rain; oh the joys of being an Eagle Training facilitator!! The session in Manchester included a delegate, Ian, who really had a problem giving what he perceived as...

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Why Your Identity Matters

This week’s tip is incredibly personal; for you, for me, for anybody. It’s all about our sense of identity and the power that it has, for good or ill. And, right now, it’s incredibly personal to me! Let me begin to explain what I mean. My colleague...

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Being Comfortable With Vulnerability

When my colleague Martin Eldon and I deliver our Presentation Mastery Programme, we usually show a video of a TED talk by a lady called Brene Brown. Brene is an expert on social connection. She conducted thousands of interviews to discover what lies at the root of...

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