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The 10 Myths of Leadership

You don’t need me to tell you that leadership is under the spotlight at the moment. This applies to leadership in many of the areas of our lives; including politics obviously! The thing is, while there’s a lot said about it, it seems that it is much...

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How to Become More Influential Without Using Power!

I recently spent some time with a great group of folks from Premier Analytical Services. Part of the day was spent exploring interviewing skills and how you get to know the real person, not the one on their CV or application form. It got me thinking about the notion...

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How 4 Behaviours Shape Your Life

On a very personal note, my father would have been 103 today. He passed away many years ago, but before he did he passed on many things to me. One was the importance of self-development, even thought he didn’t call it that. My life turned around when I started...

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What We Can Learn From John McCain

Where’s the year gone? I can’t believe it’s September already. Tempus Fugit as they say! Sadly, time ran out this week for John McCain. As those of you who have known me for a while will know that I am interested in politics, without having any real...

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The 7 Steps to Effective Delegation

My colleague Adrian Newbery and I have spent many hours discussing the subject of delegation and how we both made the same mistakes when we were managers in our respective organisations. For instance, we both had go-to guys whom we relied upon to do the things we...

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Developing a Creative Mindset

It’s been a strange and personally tough time recently. I’ve facilitated sessions on creativity, personal effectiveness, building trust and the importance of developing a creative mindset. I’ve also driven 200 miles for a meeting to be told when I...

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The Power of E x R = O

Welcome to Friday the 13th!! As some of you will know, we are currently having a couple of health related problems in the Henderson household. Naturally enough, we have had spells of feeling sorry for ourselves; that life is a bit unfair. But then we change our...

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