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Global Shipping Company

As part of their talent management process, the client realised the importance of developing managers who had been identified as potential future leaders in the organisation

We were asked by the client to design and deliver a multi-modular leadership development programme to equip the delegates with both the competence and the confidence to step up into the critical role of leader.

After initial discussions to clarify their specific requirement we designed a nine module Leadership Excellence Programme including modules on leadership skills, coaching as a leader, leading change and presentation mastery.

As a result of just one creative idea picked up on the programme, one of the delegates increased her team’s bottom line by £173,000 in the first year. As of 2019, this figure had grown to over £300,000 and is expected to grow year-on-year.

“I was unprepared for just how powerful this programme would be. An in-depth analysis of leadership theory with loads of practical tips. You cannot not be influenced by the learning material – the excellent delivery by Ian and Adrian being the icing on the cake” (Andrew Jones)

“A real voyage of self-discovery which has enlightened and empowered me on both a personal and professional level. Thank you very much. It has been uncomfortable and enjoyable in equal measure for all the right reasons. A fantastic course and a great experience” (Stephanie Allen)

“Has been life-changing both personally & professionally on my views of leadership & has made me far more at ease within my role. Have thoroughly enjoyed the whole course” (Kate Smith)

MSC global shipping company training
robert bosch ltd

Robert Bosch Ltd

Global Manufacturing Company

Realising the importance of making powerful presentations, the client wanted to have a team of interns feel more confident when delivering to senior managers and clients and, specifically, to feel comfortable without overuse/abuse of PowerPoint.

We were asked by the client to design and deliver a two-day presentation skills programme for 16 delegates.

We designed and delivered a Presentations Mastery programme that focused on the presenter and having them comfortable when they stood up to speak. The programme included exploring the importance of the presenter’s state, changing limiting beliefs, identifying the outcome of the presentation, the use of the 4MAT system and how to build rapport with the audience.

The 16 delegates left having enhanced their confidence to stand up and make presentations to an audience of any size and, at the same time, reduce their reliance on visual aids such as PowerPoint. They felt able to present with power and passion.

“Fantastic. The structure was spot on. The group involvement created a positive atmosphere throughout. It was presented with the techniques and skills that were being taught so, as a participant, you could see how they came together.” Samuel Gaunt, Robert Bosch (Denham)

“Completely unexpected content, great theory logically utilized. I enjoyed being taken out of my comfort zone by preparing and presenting in front of the group. Ian was able to demonstrate the theory in practical application.” Matt Wilkinson, Robert Bosch (Denham)

“Really challenging, but in a good way. The course has changed my view about doing presentations and given me more confidence. Ian offered lots of ideas and support and the chance to do presentations helped put the theory into practice.” Ben Boutcher-West, Robert Bosch (Denham)

Premier Foods

Food Production Company

The client recognised the need for key members of the food production facilitation team to enhance their problem solving skills.

We were asked by the client to design and deliver development programme for a group of site-based problem solving facilitators enabling them to deliver a structured approach to problem solving at the facility.

We delivered five one day workshops, 50% in the training room and 50% on the ‘shop floor’. We covered the six stage problem solving model; identifying the problem, analysing the problem and data collection, generating potential solutions, selecting and planning the chosen solution, implementation of the solution and evaluating the solution

In addition, the training included elements of training skills (train the trainer) along with presentation skills to support the use of the problem solving model.

By the end of the programme the delegates were be able to demonstrate the skills needed to handle difficult situations and challenging delegates, an understanding of the six stage problem solving model and the ability to identify problem solving opportunities

Specific benefits from the five workshops included:

  • Reduced cost of waste oil collection from £14,000 to £2,000
  • 16% reduction in electrical energy consumed,
  • £17,000 per annum reduced costs in waste liquid raw material
  • 60% reduction in downtime
  • Reduced downtime from 9 hours to 1.5 hours per batch (filter sock changes)

“Peter held my interest, which is very difficult when I’m sat in a classroom. Peter has changed my attitude to the working environment totally, but the most important thing to me is that he has also made me think that I now ‘have a choice’ in anything I do. He’s not just changed my outlook at work, but also in my life. Excellent, I loved it.” Vikki Jones, Premier Foods.

premier foods company training case study
princess food ltd

Princes Ltd

Global Food Group

The client recognised the need to develop managerial skills of a team of 35 line leaders who had been promoted on the basis of their technical competence, but who had had no previous management or interpersonal skills training.

We were asked by the client to design and deliver a management development programme for the team that would get the team willing and able to step up to the appropriate level of responsibility in order to assist the senior managers on the plant.

We identified the key roles of the co-ordinators and, based on our findings, delivered a 9 day programme covering key areas. We faced a challenge to overcome some initial cynicism and concerns, problematic communication practices and an overall lack of confidence. The modules were designed to be interactive and relevant given the delegates’ operational focus.

The team more skilled and confident to fulfil role with several examples of cost savings from improved communication and processes in excess of £200,000 in first year alone.

“An exceptional course. As a new and developing manager the course was an amazing eye opener. I no longer think I can effectively be a manager. I now know I can be an effective manager.” Tom Goodall, Princes Ltd (Wisbech)

“Thought provoking, insightful and potentially life changing. The facilitators turned what could have been a mind boggling course into one that was easy to understand and clearly relevant. The course material will be referred to for a long time to come.” Neal Daultrey, Princes Ltd (Wisbech)

“Some of the delegates’ projects were so successful from a cost saving perspective that the programme paid for itself in less than three months – in fact the biggest challenge was for the company to provide the resources so that the projects could come to fruition” Kevin Parker, Sponsor, Premier Foods (Wisbech).


Leading Bottle Producer

The client recognised the need for greater levels of creativity among the design and marketing teams

We were asked by the client to design creativity workshop for the senior leadership team and members of the design and marketing teams to produce two new bottle designs. Our challenge was increased as the teams had little belief in their creative abilities.

We created a two-day creativity workshop using several creative thinking methodologies that also attempted to challenge and change the delegates’ limiting beliefs about their ability to be creative.

Tasked to come up with two new bottle designs, the workshop actually produced 24 new product designs, specifically using a combinations matrix tool.

“Wow, I would have been happy with 2 designs. 24 is beyond my wildest dreams” Roger Goddard, Sponsor

“The workshop was brilliant. It really made us believe that we could actually be creative and come up with new ideas” Andrew Martin

“I really enjoyed the workshop. It makes me wonder what else we can do” John MacKenzie.


You might be someone who likes to make up your own mind – and that’s great.Or, you might like to know the names of some of the companies that our team of facilitators have worked with over the years before you decide that we are the right training provider for you.

Customers Say
Nigel Cross
Yeo Valley

I have used the services of Eagle Training since 1997. They have a passion for learning that is infectious and their unique style is always well received and gets delegates to not only work better as individuals but also as a collective. Using their comprehensive process they always take time to establish exactly what is required.

Nick Wright
Action on Hearing Loss

The three programmes that Eagle Training has now run for us have exceeded all hopes and expectations. The positive impact on participants has been extraordinary. I hear account after account of what they have learned, how they have changed and how this is impacting on their day-to-day work I hear great feedback from their line managers too.

Kevin Parker
Princes Ltd

They do simple things really well, getting people thinking differently and speak the same language as the (delegates). They can also draw upon real and relevant experiences which has won them a lot of respect and trust with the group. The majority of the co-ordinators have stated that it has been the best programme they have ever attended.

Nicky Fishwick

Their innovative approach to training has consistently received very positive feedback from our delegates. The last group had an overall satisfaction rating of 98.2%. Their comprehensive process involves understanding our business and challenges that we face. Have no hesitation to recommend Eagle.

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