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Presentation skills training course

Training Effective Presenters.

Why should anyone attend the Presentation Mastery Programme?

As presenting in one form or another has become part of our business life, the ability to deliver a powerful and influential presentation is increasingly a beneficial skill to have; whether in a formal or informal setting. Just knowing your content is no longer good enough. To be a master presenter you must manage the various group dynamics and be able to elicit the most appropriate state in yourself and your audience. This presentation skills training course is highly challenging but delivered in a highly supportive and engaging way. If you want to get the best out of yourself as a confident presenter, the Presentation Mastery Programme is for you.

Imagine that you are asked to do an important presentation at short notice. How would it be if you felt able and confident to design and deliver an educational, engaging and entertaining presentation that people remember for all the right reasons? Alternatively, how would it be if you could banish those presentation nerves and never have to worry about them again?

Well, you don’t have to imagine it because our presentation skills training course, the Presentation Mastery Programme, will equip you with the presentation skills and techniques which will enhance your power, passion and presence as a presenter.

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What will you learn if you attend the our Presentation skills training course?

You will learn the skills and secrets of the world’s top presenters, including:

  • How to be comfortable when you stand up to deliver your presentation
  • The 3 step process to becoming a master presenter
  • The key beliefs of the master presenters
  • How to get people ‘in the room’ and keep them there!
  • How to quickly build rapport with any audience
  • How to use stories and metaphors to connect with your audience
  • How to structure a presentation to engage the different styles of audience

How is the Presentation Mastery workshop structured?

The workshop is a highly innovative and interactive two-day event combining facilitator led sessions with the opportunity to practice newly acquired skills. Groups are capped at 8 to ensure maximum opportunity for corporate trainer attention and presentation skills practice.

The facilitators, both highly experienced corporate trainers and presenters, guide delegates through a three-stage process that will get you to think deeply about you as a presenter. Our 2-day presentation skills training course is designed to explore how you can become more influential the next time that you stand up to deliver a presentation to any audience, whether it be a business presentation or public speaking.

Eagle Training The Presentation Mastery Programme

Presentation Skills Training
Frequently Asked Questions

Presentation Skills Training?

It is often said that public speaking is the number one fear among most people, beating flying, snakes, insects, and even death. I believe that being able to design and deliver a presentation that people will remember, for the right reasons, is a skill that can make or break a person’s career. As with leadership, some people say, “Oh, Bill’s just a natural born presenter”. I’m not sure that anyone is a ‘natural born’ presenter. But I do believe that anyone can learn to be a masterful presenter. That’s why my colleagues and I designed the Presentation Mastery programme.

What is taught in presentation skills training?

This can vary a lot from one presentation skills training to another and the level of the delegates. Some training focuses on what you might call the ‘hard’ side; for example, how to use PowerPoint. Other programmes, like our Presentation Mastery programme focuses more on the presenter themselves and having them feeling absolutely comfortable and congruent when they step up to speak.

What are the benefits of presentation skills training?

Whether delegates like it or not, presentations are now a big part of life; in business, education or personal. Most presentations are remembered. Sadly, few are remembered for the right reasons; where the speaker really makes an impression on their audience, inspiring them to take a certain course of action! Too many of them are boring and dull.

Being able to present your ideas and, critically, yourself in an engaging and entertaining way will mark you out from the usual in many situations, including sales, motivating your team and communicating your vision.

So, one of the major benefits of a presentation skills training programme is that it can enhance delegates’ value, their reputation, their self-confidence and have a big impact on their career whereas a lack of this skill can potentially hold them back.

What are the objectives of presentation skills training?

We have designed our Presentation Mastery programme to have our delegates being comfortable being themselves when they stand up to speak to any audience of any size. We believe that being authentic is an important factor in delivering a talk that people will take notice of and remember.

Part of this involves exploring their beliefs about making presentations, audiences and themselves as a presenter. Over the years we have found that most people have beliefs that limit themselves rather than make them more resourceful.

What are effective presentation skills?

There are many answers to this particular question. Effective presentation skills include managing your state, being authentic, using a variety of tonality, building rapport, mastering movement and reading the audience.

What are some presentation techniques?

Again, there are many techniques. During our Presentation Mastery programme we introduce various ways of structuring a presentation to meet the needs and preferences of the audience members. Two of the techniques we introduce our delegates to are the 4MAT system and the IPB (incident, point, benefit) structure.

The 4MAT model explores the need to sell why the audience should pay attention before moving into the actual content of the presentation. Also the need to demonstrate to the audience how they can use what they are learning before closing by asking what if they have any questions.

The IPB structure is designed to use an incident or story and then explain the point of the story before finishing with the audience understanding the benefit they will get from actually getting the point. Both 4MAT and IPB are great structures to use to plan a presentation.

What should you not do in a presentation?

Don’t wing it! Simple!

What is a good presentation?

OK, here’s the problem for presenters. You know how some people say that a particular film was brilliant and yet other people will tell you it’s the worst film they’ve seen? Well, it’s a bit like that with presentations. It’s a very personal thing. That said, a good presentation is one where the presenter really connects with people in the audience and what they say and the way they say it touches them and makes them feel differently so they leave remembering the presentation and, crucially, the presenter that made them feel like that.

If what you have read here sounds interesting to you and you feel it would make sense to have a conversation about the Presentation Mastery Programme, please contact us and we will call to arrange a convenient date and time with you.
What do people say about
the Presentation Mastery Programme?
David Sanderson
United Biscuits, Carlisle

Amazing! Both trainers are brilliant. What a way to learn. It changes the status quo on training. Due to this new style of training other managers like me or leadership would benefit from this – helped me to improve far more than I thought I could. Thank you both

Karl Cullimore
MSC, Ipswich

I went from being petrified and nervous to quietly confident all in the workshop. I appreciated the encouraging feedback I got on my presentations.

Hal Davies
Action on Hearing Loss, Birmingham

Excellent! I was absolutely ‘bricking it’ but the way in which the trainers taught and encouraged me has given me a massive confidence boost.

Samuel Gaunt
Robert Bosch, Denham

Fantastic! The structure was spot on. The group involvement was great and a positive atmosphere throughout with a well established structure that was easy to follow. Ian presented with the techniques and skills that were being taught so you could see how they came together.

David Griffin
Volker Fitzpatrick bid team, London

The workshop got us to where we needed to be in terms of an important presentation we have got to do. The trainers were very supportive and provided guidance that helped increase the confidence of the presentation team.

Kevin Parker
Premier Foods, Wisbech

The Presentation Mastery Programme was delivered to the site’s senior management team. Even though most of them had experience in delivering presentations, every one of them without fail found the workshop to be thought provoking and practical.

Andrew Jones
MSC, Ipswich

For me this has been a thoroughly enlightening programme which had a profound impact on the way I will present in future. All I can say is Thank You!

Matt Wilkin
Robert Bosch

The course had completely unexpected content. It had a great theory that was logically outlined. I enjoyed being taken out of my comfort zone. Ian was able to demonstrate the learning theory in a practical way

Lindsay Brown
United Biscuits

Ian & Martin were exceptional trainers, quickly establishing rapport. They were very personable and created a safe environment for me, which was crucial as I arrived feeling very vulnerable. They were very knowledgeable and encouraging. I would recommend all – apart from the terrible jokes!!!!!!

Iain Keown

Amazing! I thought I was OK at presentations but this has opened my eyes and made me realise where I need to improve. Thank you to Ian and AJ – you have changed my life.

Tania Ryan
United Biscuits

This has been an amazing course. I have learned so much and have dealt head-on with one of my biggest fears – and I feel I have won!! Thanks so much to Ian and Martin.

Jane Bennett

The presentation was excellent and held my attention for the whole time. The content was above and beyond what I expected. Ian demonstrated all the skills that he spoke about and it was refreshing not to have too much PowerPoint. This course will be very helpful in my role. Thank you, Ian.

Jennifer Lang-Rawcliffe
United Biscuits

This was seriously the best course I’ve ever been on! Not what I thought it was going to be at all. It was 100% better! Ian and Martin were excellent and I would go on any course they ran. THANK YOU!!!!

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