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importance of work life balance
25 Mar: Importance of Work-Life Balance

Eagle Training shares a story about the importance of work-life balance and Ian Henderson shares a very personal story about living with regret.

Critical Thinking in Business
19 Mar: Critical Thinking

Eagle Training discuss critical thinking, how critical thinkers think and how to develop critical thinkers in business, whilst avoiding groupthink.

trusting your intuition
04 Mar: Trusting your Intuition | The Power of the Wisdom Within

Eagle Training discusses Ian McDermott’s concept of “the wisdom within”, and explores how trusting your intuition can positively impact decisions.

Depersonalised Feedback Frameworks
24 Feb: Depersonalised Feedback Frameworks

Eagle Training discuss the importance of effective input, and explore the top three frameworks used to give impactful developmental feedback.

Change Orientation
22 Feb: Change Orientation

Eagle Training discuss change orientation and the contextual preference to certainty and uncertainty and suggest development tasks based on their change orientation.

Leadership in the New Reality
10 Feb: Leading in the New Reality

Eagle Training discuss leadership in a changing world called ‘Leading in the New Reality’, exploring key facets leaders have to consider in the new now.

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