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22 Sep: Using Childlike Qualities to your Advantage in Adulthood

Eagle Training discusses asks what happened to the can-do attitude, and discusses childlike qualities worth retaining, alongside what restricts our creativity in adulthood.

personal development
16 Sep: The Power of Personal Development

Eagle Training discusses the benefits of personal development, its impact on success, and how to make self-growth work for you.

The Grow Model | The Grow Coaching Model
26 Aug: The Grow Model of Coaching

Eagle Training discusses one of the most used coaching models called ‘The GROW Model of Coaching’ (Goal, Reality, Options, Whats Next).

Listening Philosophy
18 Aug: Explore Your Listening Philosophy!

Eagle Training discusses the levels of listening and listening philosophy. Exploring how the art of listening is to understand first and then to be understood.

Minimize Unconscious Bias Recruitment
05 Aug: Minimize Unconscious Bias During Recruitment

Eagle Training discuss types of unconscious bias during the recruitment process & how to how the ‘halo & horns effect’ impacts hiring decisions.

Six Step PEOPLE Process for Effective Interviews
04 Aug: Six-Step PEOPLE Process for Effective Interviews

Eagle Training discuss recruitment strategies to successfully recruiting your next employee & the Six-Step PEOPLE Process for effective interviews.

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