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Depersonalised Feedback Frameworks
24 Feb: Depersonalised Feedback Frameworks

Eagle Training discuss the importance of effective input, and explore the top three frameworks used to give impactful developmental feedback.

Change Orientation
22 Feb: Change Orientation

Eagle Training discuss change orientation and the contextual preference to certainty and uncertainty and suggest development tasks based on their change orientation.

Leadership in the New Reality
10 Feb: Leading in the New Reality

Eagle Training discuss leadership in a changing world called ‘Leading in the New Reality’, exploring key facets leaders have to consider in the new now.

philosophy of being goal oriented
01 Feb: Philosophy of Being Goal-Oriented

Eagle Training discuss the philosophy of being goal-oriented, the suitability to collaborate psychometric & the different types of goal-orientation.

Getting people to want to help you
22 Jan: Getting people to want to help you

Eagle Training discuss how to get people to want to help you. In a world that is becoming more interdependent, collaboration is key!

How Acts of Discipline can Change your Life
14 Jan: How Simple Acts of Discipline can Change your Life

Eagle Training discuss how small, continuous acts of discipline can positively alter your personal and professional mentality and performance.

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