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Systems Thinking Cause and Effect Eagle Training
28 May: Systems Thinking | The Cause and Effect Link

The corporate trainers at Eagle Training discuss systems thinking and the cause and effect theory to explain why a solution to a problem sometimes leads to a new problem.

The Scorpion and the Frog Identity and Beliefs
21 May: How Identity Influences Behaviour

The corporate trainers at Eagle Training discuss how identity can have a powerful influence on your life and can have a huge impact on your behaviours, values and beliefs.

Importance of Clear Expectations - Eagle Training
17 May: The Importance of Setting Clear Expectations

In this article, Eagle Training explains the importance of setting clear expectations and ways to ensure expectations are clear, whether you’re a leader, manager or even a parent.

The Power of Belief - 4 minute mile Eagle Training
08 May: The Power of Belief & The 4 Minute Mile

In this article, Eagle Training talk about the power of belief, referring to the 4-minute mile as an example of how self-belief can be both empowering and limiting. 

Four stages of competence eagle training
01 May: Four Stages of Competence

Eagle Training use ‘Four Stages of Competence’ aka the “Conscious Competence” learning model to understand the learning process in order to coach and manage more effectively.

The Iceberg Model of Consciousness
24 Apr: Iceberg Model of Consciousness

In this article, we explain a model that Eagle Training use in many of our leadership and management programmes to explain why people do the things they do, called ‘The Iceberg Model of Consciousness’.

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