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The Eagle Process


our process works to deliver improved workplace performance




The Initial Meeting

An initial face-to-face meeting to find out your current situation and determine the results you are looking for. We passionately believe that clearly defined results increase the likelihood that resources will be used most effectively. This is usually followed by a second (or even a third) meeting allowing us to gain a deeper understanding of your situation and objectives.

The benefit to you is that you get a management training programme that is really tailored to meet your needs, not an off-the-shelf programme designed with some other organisation in mind.



The facilitation team then spend some time on-site to do a diagnosis to experience what life is like for the potential delegates in their workplace and to find out what their challenges are.

The benefit to you is that by putting you at the centre of what we do, we then have a better understanding of the culture of your business and your specific requirements.



Only when we are clear about what you want can we design our programmes. We then check with you to ensure we have got it right. If we have, we go ahead. If we haven’t, we change it until we do get it right. We specialise in providing management training programmes that are designed to challenge the way that people think, work and relate in order to improve workplace performance.

The benefit to you is that you will know exactly what we are going to cover and we will make sure that the content will:

  • fulfill your specific requirements
  • based on practical reality that is relevant back in the workplace
  • enable and support change
  • be focused on improvements in workplace behaviour that have a bottom-line impact

Meeting the Managers

Before the programme starts the facilitation team meets with the delegates’ line managers to explain our process and our expectations of them. We believe that people in this role have a critical role to play in our partnership for success. We believe that their support before, during and after the programme is a key ingredient to making your investment profitable.

The benefit to you is that the programme then becomes a part of your business culture even after the formal training has finished.



Our style of delivery is highly interactive to ensure maximum delegate attention. We are aware that participants learn in different ways so we vary our delivery style to appeal to as many styles as possible. The Eagle facilitators are demanding in order to stretch the delegates – challenging the way they think, work and relate – but above all they are very supportive.

The benefit to you is that the delegates are constantly engaged and more willing to apply the learning back where it really matters – in their workplace.



At the end of the programme the delegates demonstrate how the have applied their learning for the benefit of themselves, their teams and the organisation.

The benefit to you that it is possible for you to calculate the return on your investment.


Ongoing Support

We offer our support to you and the delegates even after the programme has finished.

The benefit to you is that by being available for you, the learning process can continue.

Power & Impact of Small Decisions in Business

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So, now you have invested the time to read this, you will now no doubt realise that this comprehensive process is only for you if you are serious about making change happen in your organisation.

Now that you understand how our process works to deliver improved workplace performance, click here to arrange an initial no-obligation meeting to discuss how we can work together to make your investment in management training profitable (but please don’t do this if you just want to tick a box or two!).

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