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Being a 10 & becoming the best version of yourself

Gavin Ingham, one of the UK’s top motivational speakers often talks on the subject of ‘being a 10’. His ‘Being a 10’ principle is all about choosing to be the best you can be and do the best that you can do. With his kind permission, the corporate trainers at Eagle Training are keen to share some of his insights with you today about becoming the best version of yourself.

‘Being a 10’ Principle

Gavin has released a great series of webinars – yes, I know there are loads out there at the moment, but Gavin’s are really good. You can find them at

In a recent webinar, Gavin asked a really big question: what is our world going to look like after the virus and the lockdown? Is it going to look remarkably similar or is it going to drift back to what it once was?

As he says, we all have our opinions but at this stage, they are all guesswork. Gavin suggests that the economy is going to be impacted for some time and that for most of us things are going to be more challenging than we have experienced before.

Being A 10 - Eagle Training

3 C’s to being a 10

There will be exceptions, of course, but for most of us, I believe that Gavin’s three core #IAM10 building blocks are going to become critical. So, in the form of 3 C’s here they are:


We are all going to have to find a way to have unshakeable conviction. I suspect that many people are going to lose their self-belief and their nerve and this is going to impact everything they do in their personal and professional life. It’s going to affect their leadership and management, their sales and, yes, their dreams and aspirations.

Perhaps more than ever it is critical that we maintain our conviction. Remember that what you believe has a critical impact on your potential, your action and your results. The harder the environment, the more important it is that we keep our conviction. This conviction mindset is the starting point for success and will keep people going when the times get tough in the months and maybe years ahead. There’s a great question that I often ask folks about those who are ‘successful’ and those who aren’t. That question is: what’s the difference that makes the difference? Well, very often the difference that makes the difference is having a conviction mindset, where motivation is from the inside out and not dependent on external circumstances.


Again many people have lost their sense of clarity, their roadmap if you like, and many are now struggling to know what to do. One of the attendees on Gavin’s webinar had built a successful business recruiting people for the entertainment and hospitality industry. I mean, bloody hell! In the current situation, that guy’s business has been decimated.

So, some folks are struggling to see the right path. Worse, many others will lose conviction and follow a less beneficial path so “following the herd” will be a bad option. Clarity of thinking around what to do, when to do it, what not to do and how we spend our time will be critical. In difficult scenarios, persistent behaviours really matter.


We have all had our routines upended. Consistency has gone out of the window for many people. They have a new normal of working from home, or fitting things around children or being furloughed or… Building back conviction, creating a clear plan and then applying that consistently will separate those who are going to bounce back and those who are not.

Consistency is about doing the right thing over and over again. Now, please don’t repeat things that have not worked for you. That’s insane. This is where behavioural flexibility comes into the equation and making subtle changes can produce positive results.

Becoming the Best Version of Yourself

So, based on Gavin’s insights, here is my challenge to you. Remember that being a 10 is a choice, a decision. Then take responsibility and work out for yourself what being a 10 actually looks like – in your personal and professional life – taking into account your conviction, your clarity and your consistency of action.

Check-in with yourself and ask yourself these big questions: Where and when do I need to be a 10 and how can I be a 10 today?

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I love the weekly tips, they are in insightful and relevant way to reaffirm the journey that we are all on collectively. That is the journey being the thriving to be the best version of ourselves and having a positive impact on others around us as well as trying to keep our values in focus.

I often fail but the weekly tips are a great way to regain focus and continue on the path to self improvement.
I realise that whilst I do often fail, my recent failures are small in comparison to when I had no idea I was failing and when I lived re-actively rather than proactively.

Thanks for the tips and support Ian.



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